Who we are

Just a Pine crew.

We are a small team of awesome game developers. Our amazing team can handle everything from full-game development to marketing, porting, and distribution in-house, meaning nothing ever gets lost in translation. Every team member has a part of themselves in the game, and everyone impacts the final product. That's what makes every PINE game special.

Who we are
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5 Developers
10 Artists
15 Awesome people
Tomislav Podhraški
CTO / Co-Owner

Works on the games and sets the gameplay direction. Comes from engine development background, which comes in handy to keep the game scope in check.

Boris Barbir
COO / Co-Owner

He’s overseeing all the day-to-day operational functions and keeping the studio engine smooth and running. His tasks include marketing, design, managing QA and HR.

Vladimir Koščica
CEO / Co-Owner

Leads business affairs and handles all finance-related tasks. With a background in art, he’s also hands-on with all the projects, maintaining drive for the high level of quality.

Jurica Adamek

Matija Švaco
3D Artist/Game Designer

Vinka Prpić

Davor Matijašić
2D Artist

Veronika Perković
2D Artist

Antonio Planinčić

Matilda Benac

Mario Jakuš
3D Artist

Saša Dukić
Audio Designer

Toni Lalić
3D Artist

Matija Štorga
3D Artist

2 Awards

We won
some awards

  • 1Adria Games Initiative - Finest Games Pick
  • 2Indie Games Festival 2021
  • 3Google Play's Best of 2019 & 2021
  • 4Indie Games Festival 2021

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